Alternative Braid



This is the braid that I came up with a while back and it’s a close up and more detailed demonstration of the braid seen in my „asymmetrical grecian bun“. Jea (Brown Eyed Girls) wears a very similar look in their Sixth Sense promotional videos and Min wears this for a part of the Touch MV. It’s more relaxed, voluminous and boho looking than the fishtail or regular braids but it’s actually a lot easier to throw together once your know how.

I began with messy curled hair, which I find works best to add shape and texture to the look, but as always, feel free to play with whatever condition your natural hair is in!


I did have a video earlier on in my previous channel but I showed my face in that and the lighting was terrible so I decided to re-record in new setting & with new camera.


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Mintmusic415 says:

For people who did not understand!
Go to CuteGirlsHairstyles they have a better version. More understandable and clear.

Nilam Murgodi says:

i didn't understand how you did it :/  

Jen Hemp says:

yea doesn't quite make sense

Mari-ann Abdullah says:

I… I did it!! … or maybe I think I did it…? I dunno

Taengoo_snsd says:

I understand it , but my hair isn't medium long with layers .. will it work ?

TiedWithSmile says:

Omg this is so cute but I have ZERO idea of how you are doing it 🙁

Duong Dau says:

can't understand!

Ella says:

Hey guys I watched another video of hers where she explains it slower and more understandable, it's called "TVM #2 – Love Rain (Yoona's Wedding Hair)" and she explains it around 0:32. Thumbs up so people can see! 

Misaki Mei says:

Never mind though it's really beautiful x

Misaki Mei says:

Super confusing…

Alya Emily says:

+7694Linda It would be super pretty, I think. It depends how long your hair is. If a lot of pieces end up falling out, it'd be cute if you curled them.

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